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The standard product of Athos Foods. The taste loved for many years has been reduced to one.

Meat, fish and vegetables. It is a side dish that tastes well with the taste of Kagoshima sticking to the production area. Because it is a single meal type, it is ideal for those living alone.



From baked sweet potatoes to gelato, we prepared sweets of carefully selected materials.

Baked sweet potatoes made from sweet potatoes from Kagoshima prefecture are very popular. We also offer new products such as gelato and Satsumasenkawa specialty "Chinko Dango".



Satsuma-age with tofu, which is rare in Japan, can be enjoyed as a soft snack.

The Satsuma-age fried in Honpo is made with a mixture of tofu and minced fish, so it has a soft taste and gentle taste.

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