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Type A facility for people with disability employment continuation support Sorafune

We are a type A establishment in Satsumasendai, Kagoshima Prefecture that supports the continued employment of persons with disabilities.
This company was established to capture the desire to live positively in society even with disabilities, and to live in a general society, not in hospitals or facilities.

I would like to help people with disabilities work while working with society to become independent and work.

To make everything “form”

Satsuma Kirara Farm Club

Satsuma Kirara Noen Club produces not only the raw materials used in Athos Foods but also the fruits and vegetables. Atos Foods believes that the role of Athos Foods is to clarify traceability by providing an integrated production system from the production of raw materials to the manufacture of processed products, and to provide customers with peace of mind.

た め In order to respond to the growing shortage of producers in the future, we will aim for better production while cooperating with Sorafune at employment support facilities.

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