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Type A facility for supporting continuous employment of persons with disabilities


We are a type A establishment in Satsumasendai, Kagoshima Prefecture that supports continuous employment of persons with disabilities.

"I want to live positively for society even if I have a disability."
"I want to live in a general society, not a hospital or facility."
I started this company to capture such thoughts.

I would like to help people with disabilities work while working with society to become independent and work.

What is type A of continuous employment support?

"Aim for a job at a general company while working!" 』

Employment support type A business is a business that provides a "workplace" for people with physical, mental and intellectual disabilities and incurable diseases who are difficult to be employed by ordinary companies.
And we will try to get users to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills so that they can finally work in general.
Users will acquire vocational skills and physical condition management skills through actual work and vocational training, and ultimately aim for general employment.
The characteristic of Type A establishments is that they sign an employment contract.
An employment contract is signed, guaranteeing a minimum wage for each prefecture.

What kind of activities do you do at the type A establishment for continuous employment?

Users perform actual work and vocational training to acquire vocational skills, physical condition management skills, and communication skills.
We will aim for general employment in the end while strengthening at our own pace.
The specific contents of the activities vary depending on the business site.
Some establishments are good at office work, while others are good at farming.
Or they may draw illustrations and make accessories.
Some establishments bake bread and make lunch boxes.
Of course, in addition to work, you can acquire the abilities necessary for general employment, such as general common sense, social common sense, and communication skills.
And they will transform your life into a vibrant one.

Eligible employees for type A of continuous employment support

It is difficult to work for a general company, but those who are under the age of 65 who can work continuously with a contract of employment (one under the age of 65 at the start of use). Specific examples include the following:

  1. Those who used the work transition support project but did not lead to employment such as a company

  2. Those who graduated from Special Needs School and started job hunting, but did not find employment in a company

  3. Person who has worked, such as a person who left a company, etc., and who has no employment relationship

* In order to use the type A office for continuous employment, you will need a certificate of disability, a nursing notebook (such as a notebook of love), and a certificate of recipient of a specific medical condition.
* Applications to the health and welfare section of municipalities are also required.
* In some cases, you will need to fill out a special form or obtain a doctor's certificate.
* Departments and procedures for administrative agencies differ depending on the district.
* In some cases, a usage fee may be charged (our company bears this fee).
* Medical tickets may be required.
(For details, consult your local government office, support facility, office, etc.)

What can you do with Sorafune?

We, Sorafune, are Type A establishments that provide continuous employment.
Many colleagues are working or training every day for general employment.
What we value is to make the most of each person's individuality and expand their strengths.
If you like detailed work, repair or clean the machine,
We strive to create work styles that take advantage of each specialty and characteristics.
Work and training content is diverse. For details, please see the
business contents .
It is an environment where you can work while feeling the pleasure of your work being evaluated every day.

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