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Satsuma-age is usually made of a mixture of fish surimi and has a firm texture, but our Satsuma-age is made of a mixture of tofu and fish surimi, so it has a soft and gentle taste.

The tofu used seems to be made only for Satsuma-age. We do not use any genetically modified soybeans and use domestic and delicious soybeans suitable for Satsuma-aged tofu. Furthermore, under the hygiene management cultivated through thorough preparation of side dishes, everything from cutting and seasoning of fish and vegetables is done by hand and time, so it is finished with a seasoning that can be relieved somewhere.


Satsumaage has a long history, and in the era of the 28th Tokushima Shimazu, the Satsuma clan, the exchange with Ryukyu has deepened. In addition, it is said that the current Satsumaage was made.

The Ryukyu Chikiagi has become so popular that it is called `` Tsukeage '' in Kagoshima, and the number of specialty stores has gradually increased with the encouragement of the Shimazu clan to improve its quality. Satsumaage is famous throughout the country.

This product is manufactured in Satsumasendai, located in the northwestern part of Kagoshima Prefecture.

Sendai fried chicken (Satsumaage) is a taste that has been handed down from Kawachi for a long time, taking over the taste of a long-established fried food shop that has been in operation for over 50 years. The manufacturing factory is mainly for women, and is a product made from the women's point of view, so it is a product that has a long-established tradition while maintaining a gentle, hot and nostalgic taste. This product is very popular with women and elderly customers.

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